asm2015 Fellow Itinerary

asm2015 Fellow Itinerary

2015 Undergraduate Faculty Research Initiative Fellowship

asm2015 115th General Meeting

(May 30-June 2, 2015)
New Orleans, LA


Upon acceptance to the program, participants will be required to reaffirm the commitment to completing the schedule below including:

  • Participation in orientation and training webinar(s)
  • Participation in ASM-LINK sponsored activities at asm2015
  • Participation in online learning community
  • Participation in post-conference assessments for up to 1 year
    April 10

    Fellowship application deadline

    April 20
    Fellowship award notifications
    Join fellows directory
    Ice-breaker: Introductions, research plans, students, courses
    May 13
    Pre-conference webinar: “Networking 101: Making the Most of asm2015”
    May 25

    Pre-conference assignment: Creating a networking plan and elevator talk of needs

    • Identify 3-5 contacts (take a personal inventory of needs and likely resources)
    • Plan to engage others at meeting (attend talk/posters, schedule meetings, etc.)
    • Plan to follow-up (how to leverage contacts post-meeting)
    May 30

    Featured Workshops

    Workshop WS07-Mentor Training for Microbiologists (8:30a-12p)

    Workshop WS21-Facilitator Training for Research Mentors (1:00p-4:30p)

    May 31

    Symposium-Next Generation Microbiology Education: Tried and True Evidence-Based Learning Strategies and Outcomes (2:00p-4:30p)

    Special Interest Symposium-Update on NIH’s Grant Application Submission and Peer Review Process (4:45p-6:30p)


    Networking at plenary talks, special interest sessions, posters, and symposia

    June 1

    Special Interest Symposium-Using an IDP (individual development plan) to Plan a Successful Scientific Career (4:45p-6:30p)


    Networking at plenary talks, special interest sessions, posters, and symposia

    June 2
    Networking at plenary talks, special interest sessions, posters, and symposia
    June 19

    Post-conference assignment: Networking and Research Assessment

    • What contacts did you make?
    • What was the nature of engagement with these contacts?
    • Describe the specific steps you will take to maintain and further this network.
    • How will you utilize these contacts to further your research career?
    • What additional connections (collaborators/mentors) do you need to further your professional contacts and research career?
    • What research ideas were generated during or after your participation in the ASM meeting?
    • What steps will you take to further this research agenda?
    Post-conference webinar: “Networking 201: Maintaining and Nurturing Relationships”
    September 2015
    February 2016

    Post-conference mentoring and follow-up reports (biannual): Networking progression

    • Describe any ASM programs/activities in which you have participated since the ASM meeting.
    • Describe how your network has changed/developed since the ASM meeting.
    • Describe the nature of the relationships within your network.
    • What skills (networking/research) skills have you developed since the ASM meeting?
    • What specific steps do you need to take to further your research career?
    • What specific knowledge/skills need to be further developed?
    • Describe any barriers you experienced to accomplishing your goals. What have you done to overcome these barriers?
    • How have you shared what you have learned from this fellowship with your peers and colleagues?