Required Documents

Preparing your Application

Candidates must complete a short online form providing the following information:

  • Curriculum vitae (no more than 4 pages), including research, teaching, outreach, and funding information
  • Abstract (if submitted to ASM conference)
  • Brief statement of purpose (1-2 pages) describing research interest, teaching, and mentoring activities while addressing the following:
    • What are your research interests and career objectives? Please include a statement as to why you would pursue a research program at a teaching-focused or resource-limited institution.
    • What resources or connections are you seeking to advance your research and careers goals?
    • How do you anticipate that the fellowship program will help you acquire resources to advance your goals?
    • How will you leverage this experience to expand your research network after participation?
  • Reference letter attesting to your research, teaching, and service commitment from a university official or research advisor (e.g. dean, chair, department head, etc.)
  • Confirmation of the following if selected for the fellowship:
    • Participate in an online orientation program
    • Participate in one of the multi-day ASM-sponsored conferences
    • Participate in an online community of current and past fellows
    • Provide quarterly reports describing your experiences and career progression following attendance at the ASM conference
    • Complete surveys and provide follow-up feedback for up to one year to ASM evaluators