UFRI Fellow, Villanueva 2015

VillanuevaOmar Villanueva, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Natural Sciences
Dalton State College
Dalton, Georgia
Undergraduate Faculty Research Initiative (UFRI) Fellow
Award year: 2015

Omar Villanueva is an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Dalton State College in Dalton Georgia. Dalton State is a public four-year primarily undergraduate institution that just began offering bachelor degrees in chemistry about 6 years ago. Although a small state college of about 5,000 undergraduate students that is fairly new to the game, the faculty in the department of natural sciences carry out a wide number of research projects. Omar Villanueva's training is in the field of synthetic inorganic chemistry. His research interest lie in the synthesis of Bioinspired sustainable catalysts for the transformation of environmentally benign chemical processes. He currently is carrying out research with his team of super excited and dedicated undergraduate students to find the next generation sustainable catalysts. 

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