UFRI Fellowship Application Information

ASM-LINK UFRI Fellowship Application

The Undergraduate Faculty Research Initiative (UFRI) Fellowship trains a select group of undergraduate STEM educators to develop and initiate successful research partnerships. As part of the fellowship, ASM will provide travel subsidies of up to $2,000 to increase participation of undergraduate STEM educators at several eligible ASM-sponsored research conferences* and to encourage networking and collaborations with potential research partners. Travel subsidies are distributed as reimbursements. 


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The fellowship program is open to ASM members+ who have a doctorate (or equivalent degree) in microbiology or a related science AND belong to one of the following groups:

  • Early-career junior faculty who are seeking research collaborators AND conducting research at a primarily undergraduate institution, community college, minority-serving institution (MSI/HBCU), tribal college, or master’s college or university
  • Transitioning postdoctoral fellows (within one or two years of faculty position) considering a research career at a primarily undergraduate institution, community college, minority-serving institution (MSI/HBCU), tribal college, or master’s college or university
  • Early-career adjunct faculty (one to three years in position) who have a clear desire to re-enter the research career path

+ Applications to the ABRCMS-UFRI fellowship is open to all STEM disciplines.


Selection Criteria
Applicants will be selected based upon four criteria:

  • Evidence of initiative to find partners and/or collaborators
  • Commitment to train undergraduates in STEM research and education
  • Commitment to conduct research in microbiology and related sciences
  • Commitment to and availability for required attendance to meeting orientations, workshops, and feedback solicitations


Click APPLY NOW and proceed with the following steps:

  • Initially, you will be asked for an e-mail address and password. If you have not logged in before, a new account will be created when you enter your e-mail address and password.
  • Upon providing the requested information, you will receive a message stating that your e-mail address is not in the system. This notice is NOT an error message.
  • To confirm that your e-mail address is correct and you would like a new record created for the e-mail address that you have provided, please select "Yes, my e-mail address is correct, CONTINUE," then "Apply Now."

Step 1 will ask you to complete a profile. Under "Additional Information," be sure to select the appropriate educational status under "Ed/Professional." The awards or programs available to you will depend on your profile information and educational status.

Upon completing your profile, select "Continue Application."

Step 2 will generate a list of programs based on the educational status in your profile. Use the dropdown menu select "2016 ASM-LINK UFRI Fellowship." Before continuing with the application, you may want to learn more about the program by selecting "Read About Program."

To proceed, select "Continue Application."

NOTE: If the LINK Fellowship does not show up in the drop down box, click "Update your profile" to review your education status or review the eligible criteria listed above.


Step 3 will allow you to complete the online application and upload supporting documents. To review instructions and read descriptions of required supporting documents, click DOCUMENTS.


Before logging off, be sure to select "Save and Finish Later" OR "Submit my Application."

Final Notification
The Undergraduate Faculty Research Initiative Fellowship is a competitive program. Notification letters will be emailed 2-3 weeks following the application deadline.


If awarded, fellows will be asked to set up an account for the ASM-LINK Fellowship directory, e-community, and e-platform. In addition, fellows will be required to reaffirm the following commitment statements:

  • I agree to participate in all LINK-sponsored activities at my chosen ASM-sponsored conference, including a pre-conference online orientation meeting.
  • I agree to explore and identify potential research collaborators at the conference.
  • I agree to provide bi-annual written summaries of my experiences and progress following the conference.
  • I agree to participate in an online community of current and past fellows.
  • I agree to participate in post-conference assessments, including surveys, focus groups, and discussions, to improve the program for up to 12 months.

Contact ASM-LINK Staff at link@asmusa.org or 202.942.9358 if you have any questions.